Party With The Young, The Old, The Dead...Every Friday.

Evel Knievel

Robert “Evel” Knievel – October 17, 1938                   Bio coming soon Decorations: Racetrack & USA Nothing says Evel Knievel party like a daredevil racetrack loop and some stars & stripes! Activity: Cake Jumpi

William Kirby

William Kirby – September 19, 1759                     Famous entomologist – bio coming soon! Outdoor party – No decorations! Activity – Looking for bugs What little boy doesn’t like turning over rocks, lo

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson – September 12, 1575(ish)                 Bio coming soon! Decorations & Activity: The Hudson! Most famous for the North American river, the boys were given some materials to make a river scene out of our party table.  The

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – August 29, 1958                             Bio coming soon! Decorations: Red, Black, and Michael Lots of things to remind us of the King of Pop – including a sequin glove from the Part

Norman Schwarzkopf

General Normal Schwarzkopf – August 22, 1934                             Bio coming soon! Decorations: Army Wear some army uniforms!  We had a great time dressing in some of mom & dad’s uniforms, as

William Clark

William Clark – August 1, 1770                     Born in Caroline County, VA Joined the militia, then the military, starting at age 19 While in the Army, he became friends with Merriweather Lewis When he was 25, he left the mil

Diego Velázquez

Diego was a famous portrait painter, born in 1599.  We’ll do an activity where we draw the name of someone in the family and paint (or otherwise construct) their portrait.  Anxious to see what we can do!  

Mel Blanc

Mel Blanc – May 30, 1908                               Born in San Francisco, CA Could play multiple instruments and was very good at making voices Started his career in radio, playing instruments and doing vo

Albert Einstein


Mario Andretti

Mario Andretti – February 28, 1940                         Born in Italy, but his hometown was taken over by Yugoslavia after World War II His family left their town, and lived in an Italian refugee camp for seven years